The Cyber world is not my tapestry

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Howard Thurman

At the age of 20, a friend from high school ran up to me expressing he had come across a website called FACEBOOK. I recall him describing this phenomenon as “ya know, it’s like a book of faces! You can look up friends from high school & college. You should check it out!” I cannot tell you how confused I was. A book of faces? I grew up in the world of IM’s and yahoo chatrooms. A/S/L were the three letters which defined my interaction with the non-physical cyber world. My husband and I both have our stories of the time we first heard of Facebook. Everyone’s is different. But, what each of us have in common is that most likely we were taken aback. The concept was new and mysterious. My story continues with Facebook being harmless enough. At that time, you had to sign-up with your college e-mail as a pre-requisite for admittance to this new and mysterious world. If I am being completely honest, Facebook became something less harmless and more addicting, overnight. I don’t recall the “progression” from college web connection to an all-consuming focus. At some point (probably when the iPhone was a must-have in my life and the little F icon spoke to me) my every move, thought and care I experienced was being exploited to a bunch of people who I hadn’t even spoken to on the phone or in-person for 10 years. I was in the Twilight Zone; caught up in the web of pleasing the world with each post of my wonderful life, absent of substance and real hurts I was actually going through. I don’t begin to assume that everyones life is just like mine. Although, as I look around me, I wonder…Is this really HOW my friends and family want to live? Dependent on how many “likes” or “comments” posted beneath their life events?

So, why start a blog? Isn’t it just the same? Well, yes and no. The focus of this blog is to share my real life story. The parts of my life that are about reaching for goals, spending time with the most important person in my life, creating my story. Yes, it’s in cyber-world. Yes, I am putting my life out there for people to read. I think it is with much more genuineness this time around. I think the goal is new & different. It is under a different light. A light radiating with good intention for us all.

As we often do in our home, weekend mornings are spent with a cup of joe in hand (and once it starts its magic) exhilarating talks about topics about life & how we are doing living it. In October of 2014, Josh and I were driving home from Squaw Valley, CA. We had listened to some great books-on-tape, gazed upon beautiful Utah salt lands, and soaked in Moab’s gorgeous red mountains & plateaus. Our realization? What if everything we did today, lived on after we were taking our dirt nap. If your life is a tapestry of events: highs, lows, heart-aches, courageous acts, losses, choices of every magnitude–Do those events live on after your gone? I believe they do. I began pondering how the family my grandmother was raised with influenced her choices and beliefs about life. We are all connected in one way or another to those who came before us. You and I were born, new, impressionable. And then, we met our parents who learned from their parents, who learned from their parents, and so on. To bring it all to the present: How I live my life now will greatly affect my children. 

I want to make this all worth-while. I hope each event I add to my story of life, my tapestry, will be made of silk clothe. And my husband, of wool, perhaps. Together, if we are gifted with children, their clothes will be of a new texture. With richness and color all their own. And as our days continue on this earth, with each thread, I’ll pull the needle through one event at a time. And when I admire this tapestry we have created, years down the line, I’ll be glad I chose to explore this new path of, living unplugged.




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