{Animas River Nature Walk} ~ Getting in touch with creation

winter scavenger hunt 2Winter_Scavenger_Hunt_lg Saturday mornings usually begin with a cup of coffee (and depending on how much sleep I got this amount increases or decreases), along with a hearty breakfast. Yesterday, with the hope of getting outdoors for awhile, I invited my sweet husband to go for a nature walk with the added bonus of a scavenger hunt. Oh the fun! Deceivingly so, It was colder than it looked. We both got as bundled up as we thought we needed to be (oops) and set out to discover all the items on our list. We walked a bit faster to get our heart-rate up, thus warming us within, a bit. We brought the camera along with us to document the findings of our archeology, *ahem*, I mean, nature scavenger hunt.  I think we left a few out, but overall, we did pretty good finding what we were looking for. (There was a huge x-mas tree drop-site on our walk–we just peered over and “found” the pine needles, or rather, smelled them). There is nothing better than the smell of fresh pine. We were able to find duck tracks (pictured in the center) as well as a large dog (or mountain lion…hopeful thinking) track. Unfortunately, the beautiful berry tree was on the other side of the trail (some 2-3 miles the opposite direction). We walked down towards the river and admired the frozen ice surrounding the river rocks. We noticed that, oddly, there weren’t any birds chirping or flying during the majority of our walk. Just as we were about 100 feet from our car, a beautiful bird soared across the blue sky.  I have noticed our Colorado birds soak up the sun-rays and retreat when the sun disappears. As you can see, the sun didn’t make much of an appearance. Is there anyone out there reading who had enjoyed a nature hike in your town? Our scavenger hunt list suggested we look for chickadees & cardinals. I believe we have chickadees in Durango, but we didn’t see any on our walk. Magpies, bluejays, bald eagles, ducks and other native mountain birds frequent our bird-feeder at home. What birds do you see in your home town? scav hunt collageI noticed how freeing it was to get fresh-air and really absorb the details along our walk. I felt purposeful and relaxed all at once. If you are reading and want to share the ways you get out and explore the nature surrounding you…the floor is yours!

Thank you for checking out my (our) life, unplugged. In deliciously delightful Durango. ~Jacquie


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